How has Open Dining helped our customers?

"To have realtime sales data... and the remarketing capabilities to reach back out to those customers is priceless."

– Luke Jackson, Franchise Representative (Johnny's Pizza)

"The feedback module is the cornerstone to me of what makes Open Dining great."

– Taylor Aue, Owner (Pasta Bowl)

"We chose Open Dining basically because we needed something that was seamless and that was going to work without any human intervention. The labor savings there is invaluable to us."

– Michael Vinocur, CEO (Burger Heights)

What are our customers saying about us?

Amy Hester, Rocky Rococo

"You have all been a dream to work with, very detailed & precise. I just want you to know how much I appreciate you."

butter chicken factory logo
Zohaib Sattar, Butter Chicken Factory

"It's amazing, I recommend it to every single person I meet... who owns a food joint obviously."

Arnaud Palatan, Bloom Cafe

"You guys rock!!! THANKS!"

Bob Wong, Kowloon Restaurant

"We broke the record this week for online orders! And, yesterday, we broke the one day record!! The employees love it, since it saves them work (answering the phones and payment), especially when it's busy."

Joe Belcher, Duk Wo

"Our Internet sales are up 30% using your system and our customers are really responding positively. I love the control I have of the backend and look forward to working with your team in the future."

Nick Boyes, EasyGo Thai Restaurant

"We have been using Open Dining for over a year now for our online ordering for takeaways including delivery. I am very happy with it. I was able to set it up myself and our customers love its ease of use. We have gained many loyal customers who love the service and I find the reporting feature very useful."

Rob, Creative Technology Services Group

"The service and support with Open Dining IS exactly why I recommend you exclusively for online ordering now."

local cantina
Leanna McKenny-Heath, Local Cantina

"Working with Open Dining has been such a wonderful experience, from the software platform itself to the people behind the machines. There is always a team of people to help solve any problem that may arise. They are constantly working to make the software better each day and I am thankful for how easily they have helped streamline our carryout business. I would highly recommend them to anyone!"

Daniel S. Warnaar, Bellacino's Inc.

"It has been awesome to work with such a professional and capable staff! Open Dining has the best ordering interface on the market; we get frequent compliments from our customers about how easy the ordering process was. The remarketing tools give us great opportunities to reach out to our customers and that personal relationship gives us a competitive advantage. The integration with our POS is amazing as well!"

Amos Sheena, Tania's Pizza

"We knew that having an online ordering presence was a must and began our process of searching for a system that was intuitive on the customer experience end with strong features on the back-end. After sitting on several calls and demos, the choice was easy."

savianos logo-2
Anthony Alfieri, Saviano's Italian Kitchen

"Open dining has been so effective for us because it has virtually eliminated the conversation between the customer and the staff, which has saved us a lot of time because of how intuitive the platform is. The customer service that we have received from Emily Alonzo has been impeccable. Open Dining has been very good to my business."

local cantina logo
Leanna McKenney Heath, Local Cantina

"Open Dining has been such a wonderful addition to our company. They have helped to bring us a whole new revenue stream. They are so customizable and easy to work with and will work to solve any issue they haven't already encountered!"

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