MICROS POS Integrated Online Ordering

Did you know that Micros could automatically process and enter your online orders? With Open Dining’s Micros integration, all your online orders could show up directly in Micros and print directly to the kitchen without any human intervention.

Save on Labor

Why waste manpower answering phones and taking orders? With a Micros integration, you can decrease the time spent and the potential order errors by allowing the POS to automatically process incoming orders.

Easy to Use

The Micros integration allows orders to be processed seamlessly, so they fit right in with your current process. Orders print the way they are set up in Micros, making it easy for you.

Important Customer Data

With each order, we collect the customer’s name, email and phone number (as well as address for deliveries). The necessary pieces are sent to Micros, making it easy to manage deliveries and customer contact.

Marketing Features

Open Dining’s Micros integration works in concert with important marketing features, such as email marketing and automatic email rules. Maximize the potential of customer communication and engagement.

Save time and money with a Micros-integrated online ordering system.

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