Open Dining Delivery

Accept delivery orders without changing how you currently operate.

We've partnered with DoorDash, one of the most trusted names in delivery, to offer your customers fast, reliable delivery services directly through Open Dining's online ordering solution.

  • Reach a larger customer base and respond to rising demand for delivery.
  • Control customer experience and data from your restaurant, instead of sending customers to a third-party marketplace.
  • Open Dining complements existing delivery operations, providing additional capacity as needed, and reducing the need to perfectly forecast demand.

How will Open Dining help boost your business?

Boost your business

Increase revenues with highly profitable delivery orders.

Offering delivery is a great way to keep your fully-staffed kitchen productive.

Put your restaurant first

Remove the high cost of employing and ensuring drivers.

Provide a superior delivery experience, despite the fluctuating demand for delivery.

Keep the cash flowing

Don't worry about handling cash as all orders must be prepaid online.

Funds from delivery orders, including tips and delivery fees, are received in the same batch as online pickup orders.

Reclaim your customers

Don't let third-party delivery services overshadow your relationships.

Direct your customers to your delivery options via your website, Google business listing, and social media.

Encourage your regulars to keep ordering directly from you with Open Dining's built-in customer engagement tools.

Backed by support

A 24x7x365 support line is available to help with any live delivery issues.

Control delivery fees

Offering delivery through third-party services is expensive - for both your restaurant and your customers.

You control how the delivery fee is split with the customer.

Automatically adjust your customers' delivery fees based on a variety of variables including order, size, and day.

Already an Open Dining customer? Learn how to set up delivery today!

Enabling Open Dining Delivery