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MICROS Advance Orders

MICROS Advance Orders

When sending orders to MICROS, we like to set the "fire time" of the order, so that the POS can send the order


Enterprise CSS Handling, OnFleet Courier Integration, and Other Updates

Enterprise CSS

For multi-location customers, we've improved our ability to handle menu and checkout CSS. We're still finalizing the overall enterprise dashboard (coming soon!) but in


Improved Order History View, Import Email Addresses, and Other Improvements

New Order History View (beta)

We've been working on a brand new way to view and interact with your order history. While it's currently in beta,


Delivery Checkout Improvements

Delivery Address Auto-Completion

We've improved our checkout page to automatically suggest nearby addresses as your customer begins typing, to make checkout even faster and easier.



Email List Exports and More

While the next round of updates aren't quite as ground-breaking as the past few weeks, we're always working to improve the system. Here's what's new:

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