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Better Delivery Configuration

Today we've launched a new delivery settings screen to make configuring your delivery settings much simpler. The old screen was a bit cumbersome and confusing, so

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Tim Ridgely 19 December, 2014

system updates

Banwire Gateway Now Available

We've now added support for the Banwire payment gateway. This functionality is available for all customers. Read More

Deep Integration with LevelUp Mobile Payment Apps

I'm happy to announce the general availability of our LevelUp integration for LevelUp-powered native apps.

While we've offered LevelUp integrated payments via our main platform for

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Tim Ridgely 03 December, 2014

system updates levelup

Weekly Feedback CSV Report, Revel and Focus Integration Updates

This week's updates include a new feedback CSV file attached to the weekly report email. You can also specify certain email addresses to only receive weekly

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New Daily Stats Email and Other Improvements

Several new system improvements this week:

  • MICROS 3700 integration users may now specify an "Advance Order Item" to be sent for future orders. This will enable
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Tim Ridgely 07 November, 2014

system updates