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Are Food Images Really Important on your Online Menu?

Ever heard the old adage “You eat first with your eyes”? This concept holds true no matter if we are reviewing the options at a buffet,

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Norm Rankin 17 February, 2016

Should I Use Stock Photos for My Restaurant?

Short Version

Absolutely not. You can do better!

Longer Version

I'm a Cleveland Browns fan. The Browns are largely regarded as the laughingstock of the NFL,

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Tim Ridgely 23 January, 2016

MICROS Advance Orders

MICROS Advance Orders

When sending orders to MICROS, we like to set the "fire time" of the order, so that the POS can send the order

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Tim Ridgely 25 June, 2015

system updates

Enterprise CSS Handling, OnFleet Courier Integration, and Other Updates

Enterprise CSS

For multi-location customers, we've improved our ability to handle menu and checkout CSS. We're still finalizing the overall enterprise dashboard (coming soon!) but in

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Franchise Onboarding

While this week's update could be our standard laundry list of improvements, fixes, etc., I wanted to highlight a new capability: franchise onboarding.

When we're working

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Tim Ridgely 30 May, 2015