Even Better Coupons and Other Updates

Tim Ridgely 30 December, 2015

system updates coupons

We've launched a slew of small improvements lately, as well as a significant enhancement to the coupons feature. A few highlights include:

  • Better display of order information and refund records on order history
  • Disabled Authorize.Net duplicate checking to avoid a problem where it would incorrectly reject payments if the customer made an error on the first try. We found a significant number of orders with this issue, and are already seeing a modest bump in success rates for Auth.Net
  • Added more order information to the email sent when new feedback arrives to provide more details for managers


The big update is the ability to configure multiple sets of requirements on a coupon code. Previously, our staff had to configure this manually, but now everyone can set up very complex coupons.

This enables combo-like scenarios where many types of things must be ordered to fulfill a discount.

We hope the improved coupons are useful for you - we've already taken advantage of them ourselves!

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