Checkout Updates, Coupon Updates, UI Improvements, and More

Tim Ridgely 09 March, 2015

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Responsive Checkout

For a very long time, our checkout page has required two separate "views" - one for desktop users, and one for mobile users. Based on your expected device, we would present the appropriate view.

Finally, we've eliminated this approach in favor of a responsive checkout page. We now only present one view, and use CSS media queries to present elements as appropriate.

This should have no noticeable impact on your existing system, as we've preserved all current functionality. Moving forward, we will be better able to roll out improvements.

Coupon Updates

You can now specify multiple sets of "free items" when configuring a coupon. Prior to this update, you could only configure one free item for a given coupon.

Do you have other thoughts on how coupons could be improved? Definitely let us know.

Other Improvements

We've also made a host of other small improvements. Notable ones include:

  • For credit-card enabled checkout, the First and Last Name fields have been condensed into a single "Full Name" field to shorten the checkout form and better align with actual credit card data
  • When enabling ordering on the back end, if an app or tablet appears to be offline, we will present a warning message
  • Menu item copying has been improved to not refresh the screen
  • For Mercury gateway users, the tax and tip values will be sent to Mercury
  • On responsive mobile checkout / confirmation views, adjusted the logo max-height to better accommodate square logos
  • The daily stats email will always be sent, even if there were no orders
  • The Revel menu sync buttons will be hidden if a Revel menu sync is currently in progress

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