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Tim Ridgely

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Newly Released: Variable Lead Times!

Variable Lead Times

Today, we're rolling out one of the most-requested features on our backlog. Variable lead times allow you to dynamically change the "promise time"

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Tim Ridgely 28 March, 2015

system updates

Checkout Updates, Coupon Updates, UI Improvements, and More

Responsive Checkout

For a very long time, our checkout page has required two separate "views" - one for desktop users, and one for mobile users. Based

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Recent Improvements

Our development team has been hard at work to roll out improvements and bug fixes. Recently-released, notable items include:

  • Added support for XCD currency
  • Courier integrations
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Tim Ridgely 23 February, 2015

system updates

Even Better Coupons and Other Updates

We've launched a slew of small improvements lately, as well as a significant enhancement to the coupons feature. A few highlights include:

  • Better display of order
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Tim Ridgely 30 December, 2015

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Better Delivery Configuration

Today we've launched a new delivery settings screen to make configuring your delivery settings much simpler. The old screen was a bit cumbersome and confusing, so

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Tim Ridgely 19 December, 2014

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