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Front of House Restaurant Staffing: Your Customer's First Experience with Your Business

Identifying Team Challenges

So we've talked about spotting challenges in the back-of-house, but what about the front-of-house?  

We've established that a weak team will hurt a restaurant's chances of success. But, all is not lost!

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Tim Ridgely 18 September, 2017


How Can Restaurants Measure Customer Lifetime Value?

In our last post, we presented an introduction to Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).  Here, we'll take a deeper dive into how CLV is actually modeled and calculated.  Understanding the concepts behind CLV can help you use it properly.

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4 Ways Restaurants Can Boost Customer Lifetime Value

Customer lifetime value (CLV) can have a dramatic effect on your restaurant's financial health.  Focusing on CLV, instead of looking just at revenue and cost breakdowns, provides a unique perspective on ways to drive success.

So, what are some ways to increase lifetime value?

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6 Signs Your Back of House Restaurant Staffing Needs a Reboot

Back of House

Now that you know how hiring mistakes can have a negative impact on your business, let's dive into the back-of-house first!

Proper restaurant staffing within the back-of-house team is vital to a restaurant's success -- there's a good reason why so many owners also run their own kitchens.  Not only does the food have to be excellent, it also has to be consistently-prepared in a timely manner.  The kitchen has to withstand peak hours and dig out of the weeds night after night.  It's notoriously a high-stress environment, so managing restaurant staff for the back-of-house should be a top level priority.

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Tim Ridgely 16 June, 2017


Restaurant Menu Calorie Counts: An Overview

As of May 5th, 2017, the US FDA will require certain restaurants and food service establishments to provide calorie counts on menus, and in-depth nutritional information upon request. We've noticed some confusion and misconceptions around the new requirements. Here we'll provide clarification around key concepts and requirements for restaurant owners/managers and walk through some of the questions we're most frequently hearing.  

For more information, we recommend heading over to the FDA Industry Guidance.

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Tim Ridgely 26 April, 2017