6 Signs Your Back of House Restaurant Staffing Needs a Reboot

Tim Ridgely 16 June, 2017


Back of House

Now that you know how hiring mistakes can have a negative impact on your business, let's dive into the back-of-house first!

Proper restaurant staffing within the back-of-house team is vital to a restaurant's success -- there's a good reason why so many owners also run their own kitchens.  Not only does the food have to be excellent, it also has to be consistently-prepared in a timely manner.  The kitchen has to withstand peak hours and dig out of the weeds night after night.  It's notoriously a high-stress environment, so managing restaurant staff for the back-of-house should be a top level priority.

How can you tell if it's time to reboot your back-of-house team?  Well, the good news here, is that there are some simple ways to spot a weak back-of-house as long as you know what to look out for! 

Here are the top 6 signs:

  1. Poor or incorrect dish preparation - are dishes being brought to the table in disarray?  Are customers sending back orders that weren't as expected in the menu? 
  2. Dishes frequently being sent back, having to be remade.
  3. Inconsistent preparation - do uniform items look completely different each time they're made?  Is the pizza crust undercooked on one half and overcooked on the other?
  4. Poor timing - is the entree is ready before the sides, so the entree gets cold while the sides are being prepped?
  5. Slow service - this compounds during peak times.  At its worst, the kitchen may stop sending dishes out altogether. 
  6. Health code and sanitation issues - is your regular inspection with the department of health a nightmare?  Are glasses being sent out with lipstick marks on them from the previous customer?

Spotting the issue is the first step - once you've seen these tell-tale signs, moving forward with restaffing and hiring the most effective employees is the next challenge.  But first we need to assess the front-of-house team!

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