Get Familiar with Open Dining!

In this handful of videos, we provide an overview of the Open Dining online ordering platform for restaurants.

How Does Open Dining Work?

  • Multi-platform ordering
  • Seamless order processing
  • Quick payment processing
  • Customer retention tools

Open Dining in Action: Online Ordering Menu

  • Keep the focus on your business and brand with custom logos, artwork and photos
  • Looks and works great on desktop, mobile and tablets - whatever device your customer is using
  • Our user-friendly ordering interface can accommodate all kinds of modifiers and options 
  • Order history makes repeat ordering a breeze for your customers
    • Customers can securely store their payment info so they don't have to go digging for it

Open Dining in Action: Placing an Order

  • Boost order size and profit margin with our cross-sell feature
  • Automatically quote your customers with accurate lead times using our order timing tools
  • Our system lets you allow your customers to place orders in advance
  • Require all orders to be prepaid online, or allow your customers to pay in person
  • Receive your orders at the restaurant via POS integration, tablet, or other methods

Admin Dashboard, Settings, and Other Features

  • Our system lets you customize your online ordering to fit your operation
  • Quickly and easily make changes to your restaurant's settings and preferences
  • Reporting features give you access to all of your online ordering stats
  • Manage your menu using our user-friendly menu dashboard
  • Use custom delivery zones to quote different fees and times based on your customer's location

Customer Retention and Marketing

  • Create and manage coupons that you can share with your customers
  • Email marketing lets you connect with your customers - even if they haven't ordered from you online
  • Engage your customers with tailored messaging using our automated emails
  • Utilize loyalty rewards to thank your regulars for their ongoing patronage and keep them coming back
  • Feedback surveys help you manage your relationships with your customers

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